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Direct Mail Marketing File Formats

Tri-Media gives you an electronic output of your data and list selections. Church mailing list output is also available by email and internet download or transfers to your FTP site. (Check with your local ISP regarding maximum size requirements for email delivery.) If you need assistance with file conversion into or from these formats, contact our Data Services personnel at 1-817-315-2712 ext.3.

ASCII Fixed Field
All records contain the same number of fields, and each field maintains a constant length throughout the file. Records are all the same length and separated by carriage return and line feed.

ASCII Comma Delimited
All records contain the same number of fields. Character fields are delineated by ASCII character (“); numeric fields are not delineated. Fields separated by ASCII character (,). Record lengths vary since field lengths vary.

ASCII Tab-Delimited
All records contain the same number of fields. Fields are separated by ASCII characters (TAB). Variable record lengths.

DBASE Database
Standard database format produced by DBASE, FoxPro, Alpha Four, Enable, Excel Worksheet, Microsoft Access, and other programs.

Excel Spreadsheet
Standard spreadsheet format produced by Microsoft Excel.

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