Church Cass Certification

CASS Certification

Lower Your Postage Bill and Reduce Undeliverable Mail

You can improve the responsiveness of your direct mail campaign by updating your in-house mailing list with CASS Certification/DPV. Just send us your file in any of our accepted output formats and we’ll process it through the Coding Accuracy Support System (sometimes referred to as “Zip+4 appending”). You’ll lower postage costs and reduce undeliverable mail! The USPS requires CASS certification every 6 months to qualify for barcode discounted mailings.

Here is what CASS does:

  • Validates address information at the exact delivery point to determine if mail peice is deliverable
  • Corrects spelling errors in street names, cities and state abbreviations
  • Corrects Zip Code and appends Zip+4 and Delivery Point Barcode data
  • Adds or standardizes directions (North, South, East, West, etc.)
  • Adds or standardizes suffixes (Avenue, Street, Boulevard, etc.)
  • Qualifies mailings for reduced postage rates
  • Reduces undeliverable mail with more accurate addresses
  • Improves duplicate identification
  • Error report identifies potentially undeliverable addresses


Original Record
Corrected Record
First Baptist Church
8475 Mountainview
San Bernadino CA 92046
First Baptist Church
8475 N. Mountain View Ave.
San Bernadino CA 92045-4130
Redeemer Church
2408 Bold Avenue
Fort Worth TX 76110
Redeemer Church
2408 W. Bolt St.
Fort Worth TX 76110-5905

LIMITATIONS: Cass certification will not make your list 100% deliverable! It does not verify that the name (or company) associated with your address is correct and therefore deliverable. See NCOA for further options to clean your list.

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