Church Mailing Lists Case Study


Customer Profiling Drives Powerful Direct Mail Results has been supporting churches and church communities for more than thirty years with high-quality worship and church banners. As a long-time client of Tri-Media Marketing Services, they wanted a more targeted and integrated approach for reaching new potential clients with direct mail.

The client asked Tri-Media to generate a score and profile for their current customers based on denomination and congregation size along with other key demographics. Tri-Media applied that “look-alike” profile and built a comprehensive list of new potential customers for the client to target with their mail marketing program. With a quick and simple selection process, the client was able to save time and money while increasing the efficiency and results of each mailing campaign.

In addition to learning more about their customers and key demographics that make up their customer base, they learned who their customers are not. The knowledge and insights, along with complete and accurate church data have led to the most successful and powerful direct mail results the company has ever experienced in more than 30 years of business.

In Their Words…

After being a customer of Tri-Media for many years we took their suggestion to PROFILE/SCORE our customers then mail to those Churches who looked most like our customers in terms of their denomination,  size, multi-buyer along with other key criteria. The Tri-Media profile/scoring makes our selection process simple, quick, and easy not to mention the greatly increased results produced by each mailing. There is literally NO one else in the entire market that we have come across in our 30 + years in the Church market that has as complete Church demographics and knowledge to produce these profiles/scoring. 

 – Drew,

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